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The Stoller Hall-Manchester

Workshopped over 2 weeks Feb-March 2021

This workshop project was put together by international free lance viola player Cheryl Law. Supported by a grant from Arts Council England

I have always been interested in the physicality of orchestras and also the idea of placing narrative upon instrumentalists. To give a voice to those within an orchestra, that often only have the ability to express themselves through their instruments. Cheryl's idea was to bring together a group of 8 free lance viola players and arrange a selection of chamber music pieces for just these instruments. To take them out of their comfort zone, to challenge them and make creative music theatre.


Together with theatre practitioner Gwen Scott, over the course of two weeks we explored physical theatre, voice, puppetry and improvisation. We found that this enabled a whole new way of presenting traditional chamber music pieces, whilst maintaining world class standards of musicianship. The players found it empowering to be able to take the stage, to focus their attention out to where an audience would one day be seated.


To let us hear a seldom heard Voice Within the orchestra.


We hope to be able to develop this project further and present it to a live audience very soon.

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